April 17, 2017

Finally Spring is here!! For us that means for the next six months or so, the dishes will stay in the sink longer and laundry probably won't get put away. Nope, chores will all be there waiting when we get back from our hikes and climbs and other outdoor adventures where our and faces will be in the sun and our feet in the dirt. Good weather in New England is meant to be seized and enjoyed while it lasts. We will be busy making memories and loving every minute of it! We made some quick and delicious energy bites to bring on the last hike and had a picnic by a lake. They are a great staple for any adventure or princess party!!......(Recipe at the bottom)

Quick (No bake) Energy Bites:

gluten free/dairy free

(12-14 servings)

1 cup almond butter (raw organic)

2 table spoon honey

2 cups whole grain oats (gluten free oats if needed)

1/4 cup walnuts (almonds/pistachios are good too)

2 table spoons raw cocoa powder or melted dark chocolate works as well (optional)

1/2 cup coconut fl...

November 24, 2016

      We all need to feel welcome and accepted, and with the world how it is these days now more than ever. Its that time of year to be especially grateful for the people in your life that accept and love you as you are and to appreciate the gift of good company, good conversation and of course good food! One of my absolute favorite places to spend time is in this little cottage with eclectic New Zealand flare, only it sits on a lake in the quiet corner of Connecticut. When you open the door, the aroma from kitchen instantly pulls you in and breaks down the stresses from the day. My dear friend Lisa is usually in the kitchen whipping up something fresh and delicious and that makes you feel so welcome and excited with anticipation of the first bite of whats for dinner or even just afternoon tea. 

Born and raised in New Zealand and having lived in Hawaii, California, and now on the East Coast, Lisa's appreciation for combining different fl...

May 9, 2016

     Two things that I can't live without, and to me are proof of a design, a creator, and of perfect intention are these. Don't get me wrong in no way am I comparing my love for my daughter  to the love I have for raspberries, but you have to admit that their perfection is mind-blowing! I absolutely love being a mom and this kid keeps me on my toes! She is fun and witty, and beautifully sensitive. She goes everywhere with me and has even developed a knack for photography (I see a new blog in the future called "Kay's Perspective").


        We both love raspberries, above all things probably and will easily eat two containers together before we even leave the market. Their perfect balance of sweet and tart and the luscious color that God painted them is literally the color of love. Summertime means picking them fresh and when we can, we make a point to pick as many as possible. 

     Life can get so busy though, and there is always s...

May 3, 2016

There is nothing like Mom's apple pie and other delicious traditions. All are different and most of us would argue that our's is the best. It could be just the ratio of cinnamon to sugar, but I would say that in this case that it's all about the love!!!!















April 10, 2016














So, I had a chance to play around with some still life/food photography today and I was completely inspired with the lighting and drama in the images. I just used things I had laying around my house, and I can't wait to go out and get more backgrounds and props to dive in even deeper.

One of my passions is beautiful and delicious food (mostly eating it) and meeting people that prepare it with fineness and love. Some of the best conversations and experiences I've had in life have happened over a good meal with good people. 


Stay tuned for more!!

September 14, 2015









I had a great shoot with a wonderful young lady this past weekend. Here are some sneak peaks from Hanna's shoot. End of Summer!!!!


September 2, 2015

Had a wonderful food shoot today with Joyce Black. A big thanks to this amazing woman!! Joyce has the most humble passion for food. She grows fresh ingredients from her own garden, and puts her care and love on every plate. She treats food with respect, and one can definitely tell with every bite. I am lucky to know her.





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